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Frequently Asked Questions

Which side of Centre Street are you on?

The Safeway/London Drugs side, in Beddington Towne Centre.

Do you Direct Bill?

Absolutely! Contact Us for a list of our approved providers.

Can you see how much insurance coverage I have?

Unfortunately, no, we do not access this information.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for Massage Therapy appointments only. The fee is the full price of the scheduled massage.

Do you provide orthotics?

Yes, we use a 3D scanner to create custom orthotics. See our Orthotics page for more details.

Do you provide physiotherapy?


Are your Massage Therapists fully registered?

Yes! All are fully certified and have the required certification to be approved for direct billing.

Do you do x-rays?

Our Chiropractors can write you a requisition for imaging if clinically indicated. You need to book a Chiropractic visit for this.

Do your Chiropractors use the Activator?


Are you wheelchair accessible?


Do you treat children and seniors?

Yes – We welcome clients of all ages!

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