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Compression Products – SIGVARIS

BCM offers compression products, both prescription and over the counter, to help improve your daily life.
Did you know your body transports 7000 litres of blood per day? The calf muscles along with the venous valves are the two most important elements for pushing blood through the veins back to the heart.
Insufficiency in the veins and valves can cause a variety of disease symptoms including:
Risk factors for venous insufficiency include:
Compression products can help prevent or mitigate venous insufficiency. Some compression products are sold over the counter and are available without a prescription. A medical prescription is required for compression products at or above 20-30 mmHg.
At BCM our chiropractors can assess you for venous insufficiency and discuss wether or not compression therapy is right for you. Our chiropractors can either help you purchase over the counter compression products or direct you to your medical doctor for a prescription if higher level compression is necessary.
We provide SIGVARIS compression products at BCM. Ordering with us is simple and shipping is fast!
At BCM we can attempt to direct bill for chiropractic visits, which include visits to fill your medical prescription for compression products. We do not direct bill for compression therapy products, however, BCM will provide you with a receipt and the information required to submit to your insurance company for compression product reimbursement.
To book a chiropractic appointment and have your medical prescription for compression therapy products filled, call the front desk at (403) 295-3008.